USA 2016


The quest for all shades of Africanity led the band overseas, to the USA, for another three week-long art residency, with the support of the US Department of State. 

Ethnomusicologist and renowned jazz musician Colter Harper was instrumental to shape an intense schedule made of  concerts, music workshops, and recording sessions that saw El Foukr R'Assembly swinging between Pittsburgh and New York. 

The artistic collaborations brought its fruits under the form of new tracks composed with Colter, as well as with jazz player and spoken word artist Langston Kelly Human DJ. The experience was a positive one for all of them, who will find themselves together in the next tour to Algeria. 


Live from Paramount Exchange, PA, USA

Live from Shady Side, PA, USA

Live at Afrika Yetu, PA, USA

Live from WKCR Radio, Columbia University, USA