GHANA 2015

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Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, El Foukr crossed the Sahara and made it to Ghana, for a 3 week-long project and tour. 

Their staying wad devoted to shape a new sound by absorbing the West-African music flavour in the air: in particular Highlife, Burkinabe Mandingue and Afro-urban salsa. 

El Foukr R'Assembly's band increased from the initial 4 to 8, that performed in venues and festival all over the country. 

A series of artistic collaboration also took place on a multidisciplinary level with dramaturges, sculptors, and conceptual dancers. Each Algerian musician paired up with a West African counterpart to create a music-based performance touching on the theme of identity, belonging, youth mobility and emancipatory strife away from post-colonial legacies.