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It all begun in 2014 with an encounter amongst young Algerian underground artists in a far-flung Saharan region stretching over Niger & Algeria. 

On this vast patch of land, which has seen African sound travel and blend for centuries, El Foukr R'Assembly was born with a vision to continue the blending of African sound, as it has done for centuries.

This approach gave birth to LOOK SOUTH their debut EP album and sound manifesto. Released in 2016, it proposes a unique mixture of North African and Haussa/Tuareg music styles.

The album’s making of in a makeshift studio at a stone throw from the desert is also captured in a short documentary that shows how the project has been wedding music and documentary making since its inception.

El Foukr’s journey crossed the Sahara already in 2015, when it went on tour in Ghana, following a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

In 2016, it landed in the USA for a month-long art residency, and concluded the year with a tour in Algeria.

The music is constantly evolving and reflecting the different shades of Africanity that the band incorporates along the way.

The resulting groove is a trance journey between roots immersion and contemporary African genres: an AfroJazzy Sufi Diwane, an upbeat Algerian Rai, a Bluesy North African Gnawa, a soulful Sahel-Saharan Madingue, a sweet Ghanian High-Life & an urban West African Afro-Salsa. Something you will not remember as just another African fusion, but as 'El Foukr R'Assembly'.